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Why Do Kittens Meow a Lot? HELPFUL TIPS

Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

when a kitten is separated from their mother and siblings they most likely meow all the time during their first few days at home this isn't because they don't feel well cared for the reason is much simpler from birth kittens are used to meowing went away from their mother in order for her to find them quickly by adopting a kitten it will experience the same sense of  separation and therefore meow to call  for their mother because of this is best  of kittens stay with their mother until  two months of age at least you see a kitten meowing for the first few days at home is completely normal what you  should do is ensure your little companion fits your new life as soon as possible providing basic care they need and giving them all your love discover all possible reasons as to why your kitten is meowing the law in this article they're probably trying to tell you something.

1.a kitten meowing at various times of the day when we've just adopted them is completely normal but sometimes it's important to listen observe and find out why they're doing so if we find that a cat has started to meow suddenly the first thing to do is  check if this is because they feel any  pain to do this we must very gently  palpate all areas of their body and observe the reaction if they complain at a certain point you have found the answer and hostile to the vet immediately.

2. in the same way that a dog has different ways of barking depending on what they want to say cats also has several meows depending on the reason for communicating have you tried to take your cat to the vet and they've begun to broadcast a serious strong and long meow this is the typical reaction of a cat  who's suffering from stress  whenever you identify this type of meow you must treat it immediately to do this the first thing you should do is identify the reason that's causing them stress. of the main symptoms of anxiety in cats is meowing if your cat spends long hours alone at home boredom and loneliness can lead them to develop a state of anxiety that must be treated immediately normally excessive meowing is usually  accompanied by other behavioral problems  such as scratching furniture or  hyperactivity. may seem like a simple  question but is your cat eating  everything they need maybe your cat goes hungry with the meal portions you provide them a meow to request for more food depending on their weight and size you must of course provide a specific amount of feed you should check on the  food packaging or ask your vet if you're  unsure

5. the weight cat screeches through meowing robbing and in some cases licking believe it or not cows can also be very loving they can be out to show as they're happy and if our presence brings them joy if your cat meows a lot  when your arrival after having been away  for a while  or when you wake up from a long nap it's probably because they missed you and are happy to see you .

6.clearly not all reasons for excessive meowing or negative if you know your kids inner cat is not suffering from any ailment you provide them with the best diet they're not suffering from anxiety and they don't only me now when they see us they most likely just want to grab your attention make sure you develop plenty of time to  your cap and avoid neglecting them.

7.if you've just adopted a stray cat and you notice that the meow a lot whenever you approach them or when visitors come or when they hear a strange noise chances are they feel threatened and are constantly defensive keep in mind for a while they've been exposed to all kinds of dangers they may have had a fight with other cats or perhaps they've been hurt in the past in these cases cats often emit a long and sharp meow when they believe someone or a situation is dangerous .

8.when female cats are in heat they emit very long sharp and high-pitched meows for male cats to come to their call in order for them to reproduce in general during the stage cats usually have a more caring attitude than usual and rub the floor to relieve their instinct you see there are many causes that can determine why a cat meows a lot. 

9.some of them refer to serious health reasons that require the help of a vet to diagnose the ailment and commence the best treatment in either case ignorant should never be the solution paying  attention to what you're feeling has to say it can be the key to identifying an early disease treating mental disorders that can only get worse paying attention to what you're feeling has to say it can be the key to identifying an early disease treating mental disorders that can only get worse realizing that we do not give the right amount of food or realize that you're not giving them enough love .

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