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Why do cats purr? Everything you need to know


Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

everybody around the world know that cats purr however all the reasons that causes the feline to emit this peculiar sound are still unknown if your cat purrs a lot or very loud you don't know why in this article you will be able to decipher part of its meaning.

1.why do cats purr:

as we said the exact reasons that explain all types of purring are still a mystery for feline scientists and ethologists but we can still explain the main causes that have been identified during and after delivery the cat communicates with her kittens by purring.

2.maternal purr:

kittens also have the in its ability to purr after a week of life using it to communicate with their mother the purr comes the kittens during childbirth and lets them know where they are during their first days of life or until they manage to open their eyes in  this way through the purring and her own  smell the mother guides the kittens so they can breastfeed .

likewise this same sound allows her to keep her kittens calm and relaxed a purr is not my record it has different frequencies that the cat uses depending on each situation to transmit one emotion or another. 

3.the pairing of domestic cats is a kind of buzz that produces between 25 and 150 vibrations per second among this wide range of tones the cat can express its mood accurately the most common is usually the one that indicates pleasure gratitude and confidence when feeling loved being on our lap or while we're stroking them.

4.purr to indicate satisfaction:

 cats not only purred to tell us that they feel good by our side they also do it when something pleases them a clear example of this is the act of eating have you ever heard your cat purr while eating it means that they feel satisfied.

5.purr to ask for something: 

 when the cat purrs with a vigorous and regular tone it is a sign that he wants something in general cats do it to ask for food water or even attention .

6.purr to ask help:

if a cat is ill feels pain or discomfort they tend to meow or emit and very loud purr to get our attention and tell us that they need our help in these  cases do not hesitate and take your cat to the vet when the cat purr rhythmically and uniformly it means that something bothers them and that they want to end that situation this does not mean that it is always related to negative or harmful situations for example for felines to stare into each other's eyes is an unfriendly sign.

7.listen to your cat:

in this sense when you look at a cat in the eye they can emit this type of purr to indicate that they do not present any danger and that they want to end this situation to start a friendly relationship you should take into account the usual tone of your cat to try to understand it.

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