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Trancing a rabbit – Why you should never do it

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

the ability of rabbits to go into a trance state seems like an odd quirk of nature lying on their back the bunnies will seem as if they're unconscious not moving their limbs even if they are prodded a little it can be very amusing appearing as the bunny is being transpose but in actual fact the rabbit is not in a relaxed state at all keep watching this animal wised video to see why you should never trance a rabbit and learn more about this process.

1.rabbits go into a trance thanks to something called tonic immobility immobility means the state of not being able to move and we can know a lot more about it from the rabbits actions alternative name apparent death this is because the animal seemed as if it's indeed dead to the world well it may appear that the bunny is unconscious the truth is that the rabbit is actually in a state of increased stress by turning the rabbits on its back and resting its chin against its body the bunny goes into an automatic response the reason for this response is fear this state isn't just a defense mechanism but also a fear response rabbits can also go into this state if they are made to perform a task which they do not enjoy such as bathing.

2.many people want to put their rabbit into a trance for various reasons there are those who simply want to have a laugh often innocently thinking that there will be no effects of this phenomenon on the bunny some owners will have heard from sources telling them that laying the rabbits on their back like this will allow them to groom better well this may be so if you're simply performing some cosmetic treatments to your bunny the possibilityof causing damage to them emotionally or even physically is not worth it if you have a rescue rabbit or have a bunny which is the runt of the litter often they can be prone to stress their little bunny hearts are made to pound too quickly and can possibly lead to heart failure inducing tonic immobility in your rabbit can send a weak rabbits over the edge if your rabbit is used to being taken care of in such a manner it is conceivable that placing them in a daze will do little damage anyway it's anything but a danger you should be eager to take with an adored pet a few bunnies will enter a condition of tonic idleness on their own this could be as a reaction to an apparent assailant or even jumping awkwardly in contorting their body into the position which induces the trance if this happens do not panic simply scoop the little one up carefully and turn them over onto their front gradually know that the bunny might be in a condition of stun so it could leap out of your arms in energy keep them close to the ground and out of harm's way cuddle and soothe rabbit as best you can and as long as you can.

 3.the exception to the rule is when trancing your rabbit is the lesser of two evils although rabbits can still feel pain and we are not completely sure of how cognizant it is during this tonic idleness state managing sedative can likewise be risky in the event that you take your hare to the vet and they understand what they are doing then they may want to put them in a state of tonic immobility rather than anesthetizing them this could be to administer an injection check a particular health problem or other medical issues this is  up to a trained vet and their discretion.

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