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Fruits and Vegetables for Guinea Pigs

Image by Frauke Feind from Pixabay

the guinea-pig Cavia porcellus is a herbivorous rodent which feeds mainly on hay this dry feed provides the animals essential supply of fiber and ensures its digestive health this hay also comes in pellet form which must be eaten in moderate amounts but they also need an additional supply of vitamin C as they cannot synthesize it themselves this supply comes in the form of fruit and vegetables in this article we offer you a complete list of fruit  and vegetables recommended for guinea pigs find out what they are below as well as some recommendations of how to offer them.

in the wild guinea pigs do not feed on cereals tubers or fruit therefore we need to moderate their consumption of this type of food and control when you give it to them we should only really give it to them as a treat also with guinea pigs we need to avoid all citrus fruits we should only offer fruit to our guinea pig between two and four times a week don't forget to wash them beforehand cut them into bite-sized pieces and remove the seeds the most recommended fruit for guinea pigs are apples and pears in nature guinea pigs feed mainly on hay fresh grass and green leafy plants for this reason it may be best to buy some special grass for rodents this will help to keep their teeth healthy and prevent overgrowth unlike fruit vegetables can be offered on a daily basis don't forget to wash the vegetables and cut into chunks if they are particularly large.

the most recommended vegetables are broccoli cabbage and tender leaves to finish we would like to provide a general review of some basic tips related to guinea pig diet you can follow these tips to ensure their diet is appropriate and meets all of their nutritional needs.

ensure your guinea pig always has fresh and clean water available pay special attention to water and winter in case it freezes .

choose a good quality hay which is fresh and dust free this fresh hay supply must be unlimited commercial pellet food contains necessary vitamin C supplements to avoid nutritional deficiencies provided for your guinea pig according to the label instructions young elderly pregnant or underweight guinea pigs should have a more abundant supply of feed check prohibited foods for guinea pigs to avoid food poisoning monitor the amount of food and water your guinea pig ticks as well as the amount of excrement it produces.

 if your guinea pig stops eating or drinking take it to the vet as this is a sign of illness guinea pigs eat their own excrement it is a completely normal behavior a Voyager candy pink beam over or under whit readjusting their food amounts if needed see your vet every 6 to 12 months for a general checkup here ends our video for today are there any fruit or vegetables you'd add to this list. 

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