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Cats vs Christmas trees - TIPS to keep it standing

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

 welcome to this article if you have a cat you must surely relive the same story every single Christmas over and over again you put up the tree the lights the decoration and the cat destroys all of your work or at least that's their intention today we'll explain how to survive Christmas if you have a cat.

as you know felines are curious by nature and when we put up the tree they cannot resist the temptation to live their adventures at their own expense they will try to climb up play with the electric wires or move the baubles with their paws they love it but how do you prevent them from getting hurt and keeping the entire decoration intact.

1.choosing the tree

let's check it out first of all we recommend that you choose an artificial tree as the leaves of natural burrs are toxic for campus in addition they may accidentally prick their paws or get a perforated stomach if balls are smaller if you also have a kitten we recommend choosing a small tree if it falls on top of them it won't hurt that much also make sure that their chosen tree has a solid base to prevent it from falling down it will also remain stable for cat tries to climb but if you don't want to give up one natural tree don't forget to place something around the base so that the cat can't get too close or drink the water when you're watering many plants contain toxic products such as fertilizers that could poison your beloved feline a good solution is to use silver foil this material tends to keep cats away as they dislike the fact that their nails sink into it .

2.the decorate:

 when the time comes to decorate the tree try to choose a time when the cat is asleep or in another room this way you'll keep them from trying to play with all the balls and lights when decorating the tree leave the lower part and decorate it so that they can't reach the boreholes so easily when you're done let the feline smell and explore everything reinforce them if they don't try to climb up with a very good or stroking them but if they try to climb the best thing is to place some kind of object that prevents them from getting too close like a small fence.


some decorations can be really dangerous for cats we are referring to rotating objects that make noise or lights with wires be very careful and keep them away from the cat you should avoid chocolate decorations altogether this is very toxic for the best option is to choose walls made of fabric or very resistant materials glass for example should be avoided.

4.useful tips:

 you can place the tree in a strategic place where the cat cannot arrive but beware the surrounding furniture can be used as staircase if you put lights in the tree you'll probably have an excess of wires you can pick them up with an elastic rubber band or tape and then fix them to the floor us this way you will avoid the movements attracting your pad don't forget that cables can be very dangerous not only because of the current they can also contain toxic or harmful materials if they try to eat them we must also remember that all these details can be adapted according to a cat if yours is lazy and quiet you probably won't need to strictly follow these tips to keep them safe but if your cat is tireless and full of energy you'll need to take many more precautions especially if they spend many hours some people even fix the tree to the ceiling and that's all for today.

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